What can be done to help academics/scholars at risk?

  • Initiatives such as Scholars At Risk (www.scholarsatrisk.org), CARA (www.cara.ngo), and Scholar Rescue Fund (www.scholarrescuefund.org) are offering free help/advice to academics who are eligible (e.g. finding academic posts and/or financial help). Support these initiatives but also encourage and help academics to apply to their funding schemes.
  • The dismissed academics often cannot find a job anywhere in Turkey. Many of them need financial and/or psychological support. Raise awareness by contacting your local Amnesty group(s) to ask how they and you can help.
  • Many Turkey-based postgraduate students are left without supervisors and/or a university half way through their studies/research. Lecturers outside of Turkey can offer help by supervising and helping them finish their courses/PhDs at their respective universities.
  • Many academics are looking for projects/collaborations to take part in. Identify academics working in your field and help them publish papers to enhance their CVs and increase their chances of finding a job abroad – assuming they have the means to do so.
  • Some Turkish academics who have fled are still trying to publish papers but are without an affiliation as they do not have one anymore. You can help by including them in your research groups. See “Jailed Turkish physicist recounts research struggle in prison” in the ‘Further reading’ section for an example.
  • Many academics who fled do not have the advanced level of English (or the language of the immigrated country) required to secure an academic post. You can help by finding free language courses for them.
  • The purged academics have expertise in a variety of fields and they can offer assistance/consultancy. Please identify them and get them involved in your projects. A small fee for their endeavours can also mean that they are not dependant on family and friends to cover their living costs.
  • As Freedom for Academia, we have teamed up with experienced academics to offer a free CV reviewing service to academics who are looking for jobs abroad to increase their chances. More information can be found at: http://www.freedomforacademia.org/tips-for-preparing-your-academic-cv/

Please feel free to contact us if you can offer any help with regard to the above and any additional support/ideas that you may have.

If you are an academic willing to help, please find below different ways to support our cause:

You can retweet our tweets and mention it them to your academic colleagues to increase our exposure.

You can link to our website to increase its visitors. You can even create a blog at wordpress.com or blogger.com and write your own stories & link to us.

If you are an academic overseas and would like to help force Turkish authorities to end purge, you can boycott Turkey academia.
Or even better, you can create a Sanctuary Scholarship program.

You can check call to action items of Scholars at Risk

You can email the cause to known academics

You can visit similar initiatives and support their actions