My brother! The one from whom I have learned how to sit on the desk for 14 hours after graduating the medical faculty. In his first TUS (Medical Spacialization exam) Exam, he was among the first 100 doctors in Turkey and received specialist training in cardiology from Kosulyolu Heart Hospital, one of the best institutions in the field of cardiology. After finishing his compulsory service in his hometown, he chose career over money. He was entitled a place in Dicle University after taking a written exam. He worked really hard at the university. He was awarded associate professorship after applying with more publications and studies than it is required for associate professorship criteria. After receiving his title of associate professpr, he personally called me and rejected the job offer that was conveyed by me and that was offering 5 times more than what he was actually earning, by saying “It is better to serve the country and especially the people in the east of Turkey”.


On the 8th of August, when he heard that the police came to the house in Diyarbakır and they were looking for him, he was in Malatya. He rushed to Diyarbakir immediately and knowing that the police was looking for him, he was caught speeding on his way. The speeding fee was paid by us after he had been imprisoned. Why would anyone hurry to reach the police who is looking for him? Someone who thinks he is innocent, of course.

It has been 9 months since he was arrested on the 11th of August, 3.30pm. My brother hadn’t been admitted to military service due to his aortic aneurysm. His health condition had been repeatedly mentioned to the authorities. However, his objections to detention were all rejected. My brother has three children. Two of them are staying with us and attending their school. His wife is working and taking care of her three-year-old daughter without confronting the authorities despite her daily struggle.

On the 10th month of his detention, my brother will be brought to court for the first time. We are worried about the health of my brother and his family, about their family integrity and about their children’s mental health.


Yours faithfully,

Dr. E

Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist